Safeway Environmental

Customer Care

The customer is central to what we do at Safeway. Be they a multinational business or a homeowner, a private company or public body, a frequent client or someone simply seeking advice, Safeway endeavours to provide the best in customer care to all.

We realise that, for some, the need for our services may come as a surprise and might be a budgeting or personal safety concern. We will guide you through the process with honesty, discretion, transparency and understanding.

What we provide our customers:

● Free site visit and initial quote.
● Direct contact with your dedicated Project Manager.
● Safety advice.
● Insurance and Budgeting advice.
● Complete works and safety planning.
● Honest assessment of costs and timeframes and immediate notification of unforeseen changes or delays.
● We treat the business, safety and personal needs of all our clients with the highest priority.
● We liaise with all other professionals on site.
● Removal, treatment and disposal of any and all hazardous materials.
● Advice on how to stop issue reoccurring (if applicable).

To support our team of site management and office personnel our corporate customer care policy is built around four core principles:

1. Customer Care will be provided in a professional manner by well trained and knowledgeable staff.

2. Every employee will give priority to the consideration and needs of the individual customer, their right to information, equality, discretion, privacy and dignity.

3. All services provided by Safeway will consistently seek to attain a defined standard of quality and our customers will be informed of their course of redress when these standards are not met.

4. Every employee of Safeway Environmental must conform to the highest level of customer service.