Safeway Environmental provides our clients with a complete Dehumidification service, which can save money in restoration and replacement costs, downtime and delayed production schedules.

What we do.

● Free site visit, works assessment and initial quote.
● Insurance and budgeting advice.
● Works and Safety Planning.
● Liaising with project designers, engineers and contractors (if required).
● Minimise disruption to business/works/home.
● Safe and timely removal and disposal of all hazardous and damaged materials.

Safeway provides our employees training in all aspects of the drying and dehumidification process including Psychrometrics. Proper lowering of moisture levels is a science performed by trained professionals.

Don't allow untrained restorers to damage your home. The dehumidifiers operated by Safeway Environmental Professionals have the power and capability of removing moisture from, among other things: plasterboard, skim coat, plaster interior, paint, cement floors, carpets and insulation.